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Ideas That Do Not Go Away

Have you ever had an idea for a long time that is still in your mind now? I believe everyone has gotten a few of those ideas in their lifetime. Those are ideas that are always spinning in our minds. Maybe you’ve not. It is sometimes cluttered by so much noise that goes on in our heads. Let’s jump into my story.

But first, let’s know what an idea is.

According to Dictionary.com:

Any conception existing in the mind as a result of mental understanding…

“…conception existing in the mind” this clause says it all. So many ideas come to us daily. Some are good; some are bad. Some ideas come to us like a flash of light, in split seconds, and most of them don’t stay for long.

But trust me some ideas stay permanently in our minds. They’d be dwindled and suppressed, but they don’t go away. Here is how it looks like.

My story

I grew up with a curiosity mindset for tech. In 2011; my Dad bought me a cell phone. And that was my first new phone which I got at the right time because a friend of mine had just introduced the internet to me.

I used to google the names of footballers and their profiles would come up. That, to me, was amazing. I wanted to read my profile on google. I searched my name and nothing came up.

I told one man who was browsing on his phone about my misery. He responded by saying that it was because I didn’t have a website. I did not even know whether that was true, and I didn’t care. It came to me instantly that I need to build a website so that I can read my profile too. Then I searched these words “how to make a website.” Google sent back some responses. I opened one response, and I found an article that was filled with technical jargons I didn’t understand at that time. I thought this wasn’t for me. I gave up the idea immediately. I never tried to search about that again.

You know what? That was the single biggest thing that happened to me as far as I can remember.

That idea of making my website never went away from then on. It was with me for all these years. It kept dangling in my subconscious mind until 2015 when I attempted building it again.

This time, I tried to understand some web development lingos (terms). I did not quite have my head wrapped around everything, but it didn’t seem impossible.

At the end of 2016, I bought a computer with money that was meant for my college studies, but I didn’t care. I just wanted one and do what I wanted to do.

I started learning how to build websites. I fiddled with HTML (Hyper-text Markup Language) and CSS (Cascading Style Sheet). It was getting exciting.

All I could build was convert my resume into a basic web page (which was never published). At first, I thought web development was for extremely smart people only. But after that single page resume website, I realised if I put in the time, I’d make it. But then, after I had gotten some hope, I faced many adversities, so I gave it up again.

A new desire

I developed a new desire to become a Network Administrator. I figured out a roadmap and read around it. I bought a book about the first course I needed to take (A+). But before the book came from eBay, I had given up that one too. I noticed that the idea of making my website was becoming a force to reckon with. It became deeply rooted in my mind, occupying all the space for anything else I could think about to do with my life.

I didn’t know what to do for a few months, so, I volunteered on a few projects with some organisations. Since I was passionate (still I’m) about tech, I offered myself to work in a small printing press to level up my Microsoft Office skills. I had some joy in doing all that I did at the time, but I was not fulfilled. I was still thinking that something was missing.

In early 2019, after some situations that caused so much turmoil in my life, I saw my vision in another dimension. A more sensible one.

My idea turned into a business

I was that 21st-century guy who’d google products or services first to learn about them, and the problems they could solve for me before I take out my debit card or wallet to make a purchase.

But sadly, I could not find any information about most locally produced goods or services in this country (Sierra Leone).

I asked myself, “How can I help solve this problem? Those businesses might need websites too. It’s probably that they don’t have someone who can design them or they aren’t aware that they need it. Why can’t I learn how to make purposeful websites and help those business to be seen?”

Viola! I did not only built my website, (subdesigne), but I’m now using the knowledge to help professional individuals and local organisations have their stories up on the internet.


You had great ideas. Some of them are still with you today. The truth is, your mind is not their home. They came to you for you to bring them alive. I encourage you to figure out that long-living idea on your mind and make it a reality. No matter how small it is, you can nourish it and make it grow into a giant one. Just like I have planned to make mine in years to come.

We can bring your own idea to life

Are you a freelancer like me? Are you a creative person who does quality work for clients? Do you run a small business or start-up? Do you have a local NGO and you’d want the world to know how you are helping your community and changing lives?

Sure you do!

I know that because I know you want to grow. Therefore, I started subdesigne to help you design a beautiful and purposeful website you can be proud of.

Please tell me about your project at umaru@subdesigne.com

The secret of getting ahead is getting started

So, start building your brand now.

You deserve to be seen!

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