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This is Why You Must Design a Website for Your Organization


As the percentage of internet users grows day-by-day in all corners of the globe, it is no longer a question about whether your local organization needs to have a website or not. It is a must for every organization (regardless of the size or location) to have an effectively-designed website. People no longer have to expect that your organization doesn’t have a website. It just makes life easier these days for everyone.

What is a website and why you need one for your NGO?

A website is a collection of related webpages shared by a unique domain and stored on a server that makes it accessible 24/7. Your website is the brick and mortar location of your organization on the internet. It’s your office that is opened all the time. Yes! Your website is always at work for you even when you are sleeping at 3:00 am. You need a website because you want your organization to be successful. That is what you want. This article should be your best bet if it is not clear to you whether your organization really needs a website in the first place and also if you do not know of the benefits of creating a website for your NGO.

5 reasons why you must consider creating a website for your org.

A lot of local NGOs don’t even think of creating a website. Maybe because they are small, they think only global and international organizations need to have a website. If that is what you have been thinking, read on to learn the value it brings to your doorstep.

  1. Help and support: As a small organization, you already know the importance of funds for your projects. You can only achieve your goals if you have funding for your projects. You’re doing all the thinking and hard work to create an impact in the lives of people and the communities you work with. You’d need a network of supporters and partners for you to achieve your vision. So having individuals, partners and other organizations donate to your project will make your dreams come true.

    A website is a very powerful tool that you can use to ask people all around the globe to donate to the cause you are pursuing. A donation page embedded in your carefully laid-out website will be just what you’d need to make it easy for people to reach out to you with their help. The world is now a global village, giving yourself the opportunity and platform for you to network with different people around the globe on your project and plans, is phenomenal.

  2. It increases your credibility and legitimacy: To create a website and continually update it with good content takes a lot of time and effort, so having a well-designed website for your organization with carefully written content will make you look professional in the eyes of your potential donors and partners. It makes it easier for them to navigate quickly through what they are likely looking for as a prospect.

    Your website will help current and future donors and partners to check the authenticity of your organization and above all, it just makes you real. It helps them to know in real-time what you’ve done and what you are doing.

    Your perceived value drops instantly in the minds of a lot of people if they cannot find you online. It keeps them thinking that if you were serious and cared so much about your mission, then you’d have created.

  3. Gets you connected: A well-designed website is useful for your organization’s profile. It gives an overview of your entire organization all the time. It makes it easy for people to look up your organization and see if you are a good fit to partner with for their projects. More so, it helps people learn about what you are doing through writing articles and blog posts. It allows them to stay abreast of your work and the impact you are creating. You are limitless when it comes to networking.

    How many times have you tried to explain to someone what your organization is about? And most times it will still not be clear to them. If you have a website, you can simply pass on your web address to people who may want to know about what you do. They might never ask you further questions again. It makes you look professional. If they miss your contact at any time, they can go to your website. That is possible because even if they forget your exact web address, Google can save them by indexing your website when they search your organization’s name.

  4. Makes you, your potential partners/donors’ lives easier: Your website is an extra communication channel for you. It is online 99.9% of the time (depending on your hosting company) working on your behalf. It lessens the energy-draining back and forth communication for simple things.

    When you apply for grants, your website makes it easy for lead partners and donors to quickly access the information they want. They can quickly glance through the projects and partners you work with. It gives you an added opportunity for donors to select you for the implementation of future projects. It gives a clue about your team and the innovative strategies you use to accomplish your goals/projects.

    Unlike brochures and offline profiles, it is so much easier, faster, and less costly to update your website with new content. Everyone can get the latest info in minutes. Putting a simple Q&A (question and answer) page on your website helps to clear the air about the common questions you are most frequently asked about your organization. This is a huge takeaway because it allows you to focus on more important communications.

  5. It serves as a database or archive for your organization: If you invest your time and money to create a website with well laid-out content, it will be much easier for you or any visitor looking for something. It saves you from the constraints of randomly muddling through stacks of files to search for reports or just some info about a past project.

    With a website, it’s just a few clicks away to get you to any information you want. It can be a valuable reference for your team when implementing similar projects. Your information is not affected by disaster; they are available to you and your team at all the time regardless of the location. All your project information is always safe in one place for easy access.


There is no more thinking about whether you need a website for your organization or not. You have learned about just a few advantages of a website to your organization. As a small NGO, don’t hesitate to invest in a website.

The return on investment is enormous.

Often decision-makers in an organization think it is too expensive to create a basic website and maintain it. But that’s not true. Now with Content Management Systems (CMS), it is easy to update your website with little or no technical knowledge. I encourage you to take the lead and create a professionally looking website for your organization right now.

How to get started?

It’s very simple. I design beautiful yet purposeful websites and brand identities for small businesses, local organizations, and professional individuals like you.

I can help you design a look and feel website that you’d be proud of. Visit my portfolio website to view some of the projects I have done.

Email me for your upcoming project at umaru@subdesigne.com or send me your message through social media.

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