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Lesson From My First Client Website Project

Freelancing is something I resorted to after many other things failed. I launched SubDesigne to help small businesses, local organizations, and professional individuals to have a web presence. After the launch, I was so excited to pick up my first project and get my hands dirty. I wanted to test the waters of freelancing and know if it is the r... Read more

Nonproft Guide To Branding

When you are building a nonprofit, one of the first things you need to consider is branding. How you can properly brand for you to create the right impression you want. But often, nonprofits ignore it, whether out of ignorance or they don’t care. So their lack of consciously creating a brand strategy hit their reputation and dent its value perce... Read more

A Brief Guide To Non-Profit Web Design

It is easy to contact a web designer or agency for your website project. But before you grab the phone, there are few things you need to do to make sure that you set up the sitting room just right for your visitor. These things are so significant to the point that if you don’t get them straight from the onset, it will result in confusion and a ... Read more

The Term Brand Is Not What Yout Think It Is

I have been a student of branding and brand strategy for a few months now, so I want to share with you what I have learned so far. My best teacher about branding who shaped my concept is Marty Neumeier, (author of The Brand Gap). So in this post, I want to explain from that concept, what the term brand means in the simplest way possible for clea... Read more

This is Why You Must Design a Website for Your Organization

Introduction As the percentage of internet users grows day-by-day in all corners of the globe, it is no longer a question about whether your local organization needs to have a website or not. It is a must for every organization (regardless of the size or location) to have an effectively-designed website. People no longer have to expect that you... Read more